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Upcoming Changes - Ranks & Ribbons

1, 2 Posted by: Goodson » Mon Jul 04, 2016 3:42 pm
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In an effort to improve 3CB’s rank structure, and taking note of your feedback, a number of changes will be implemented which we hope will benefit and acknowledge all members accordingly.

1. Rank structure 
Ranks will now be split into the following 4 blocks:
  • Member (Recruit, Marine, and Veteran Marine)
  • NCO (Lance Corporal & Corporal)
    • These are the more regular and dedicated members, bringing a positive/mature attitude, and a willingness to advance the unit (by leadership within the game, offering occasional input on how we can improve the unit, or positively representing 3CB).
  • Senior NCO (Sergeant & Colour Sergeant)
    • The following ranks will primarily focus on an individual member's current contribution to critical administrative roles which ensure the unit continues to run successfully (E.g. training, mission creation, recruitment, mods, PR, maintenance, etc).
  • Officer (Lieutenant & Major)
    • Responsible for ensuring that 3CB continues to be a healthy, engaging and exciting Arma-based community.

2. Fluid ranks 

ALL ranks between Lieutenant and Lance Corporal are now fluid and dependent on both a member's current level of activity, actions and responsibilities. This will prevent ‘rank stagnation’.
  • e.g: If a Lieutenant was to have an extended absence (2+ months), they will be moved back to LCpl, making room for other members to progress.  
  • e.g: If a Sergeant felt they could no longer effectively contribute to their administrative duties, however would still like to frequently take part in operations, public play, and offer their thoughts and suggestions to the general workings of the unit, they will step back into a Corporal or Lance Corporal position (to be determined by their availability to 3CB), making room for other members to progress and fill needed administrative roles.

Ranks will no longer be used as a reward system, but rather as an indicator of a member’s current responsibilities, duties in the group, and their positive influence to furthering the unit.

3. Ribbons

In addition to redefined ranks, we will also be introducing forum ‘Ribbons’ which will also reward and acknowledge various community and game related feats and contributions.

Over the coming week or so, expect to see people’s ranks take a shuffle. To start fresh with the new system, we’re effectively resetting everyone to Marine and re-assigning ranks from there. We thank you all for your patience over the past few months, particularly those members which continue to go above and beyond.

We hope you'll like the changes to come. If you have any queries or comments, please reach out to an Officer.
- The Officers

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