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Promotions (LCpl, Cpl, Sgt, CSgt)

Posted by: Goodson » Wed Jul 13, 2016 11:45 am
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Lance Corporal
We are very pleased to announce the following promotions from Marine to Lance Corporal:
  • Aeobrix
  • Robbie
  • Jdownward
  • Rev
  • Tls_cud
  • Nick Seafort

These members have not only demonstrated a solid attendance and dedication to the unit, but they consistently present a positive attitude, and a willingness to take lead on ops/the public server and frequently volunteer their efforts as Wednesday Zeus.


Following LCpl, we also have some promotions to Corporal:
  • Bunny
  • Jamster
  • LessThanDave
  • Nemiuk
  • Arf

A step-up from LCpl, these long serving members have consistently shown their dedication to the group, whether through frequent leadership in-game (both public and private), or by providing valued input on how we can improve and advance 3CB.


  • Clyde and Dom.stb
Both Clyde and Dom’s dedication to mission creation, coupled with their exceptional attention to detail, has been an invaluable asset to 3CB. Creative and successful missions are the backbone of the 3CB experience and we thank them for not only taking on the responsibility of developing operations, but also for their patience and commitment to their organisation. 

  • Dogbadger
A Recruit’s first port-of-call after being accepted is training. Training defines the mindset, play-style, and level of teamwork effectiveness that makes 3CB what it is. Dogbadger has put aside countless hours of his time training Recruits and managing the training team. In addition, Dogbadger has also been proactive in organising some of our successful joint-operations. Dogbadger’s dedication and willingness to volunteer not only his time, but to provide invaluable feedback and insight to the evolution of  3CB is greatly appreciated.

  • Mefirst
As lead in the PR team, Mefirst’s efforts promoting 3CB to the wider Arma community are a valued contribution. Furthermore, Mefirst’s proactive efforts with the Liaison team in organising various joint-operations with the greater international Arma community are welcomed. In addition, his frequent Zeus operations and willingness to step into a mission critical role at a moments notice, coupled with his continued and reasoned input are greatly appreciated.

  • Scofer
Scofer’s dedication to creating both Public and Zeus missions alike have been unparalleled within 3CB. His continued reliability and efforts to the Mission Coordination team are greatly appreciated, as is his reasoned voice during discussions.

Colour Sergeant

  • Evrik
Evrik’s talents and willingness to volunteer significant amounts of his time out-of-game supporting 3CB are greatly appreciated. His efforts in creating, developing and maintaining various public and private missions/operations are valued over his years of commitment to the unit. In addition to the aforementioned, Evrik’s enormous contribution to the mod team has significantly boosted the quality and quantity of the 3CB modset. He exemplifies the best in 3CB in his liaison with other units and mod teams, as well as being a solid voice of reason in all discussions.

  • DangerousDiz
DangerousDiz’s efforts to the mission creation and coordination team have been greatly appreciated over this past year. Routinely Diz will volunteer not only his time and expertise to develop countless missions for 3CB, but will frequently assist up and coming mission makers with developing their operations to fruition. Diz’s positivity, approachability, and input have been an exemplary addition to the success of 3CB.

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