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We are primarily a military realism unit based in Arma 2 & 3. We play Arma using British military tactics and equipment to try and simulate the modern British forces, and yet still manage to retain an overall fun and enjoyable gameplay experience. In order to delegate certain in-game responsibilities effectively we use a practical ranking system. See our Unit page for more information.

We often use mods/addons for ArmA including Advanced Combat Environment (ACE) and Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE) to add to the player experience.

Mainly we are a UK-based unit. However, members have joined us from around the globe - Norway, Finland, USA, Germany and many more. Rest assured you'll fit in with the group, no matter your region.

Large-scale operations are run every weekend, and we also have a Arma 3 public server running 24/7 (on our powerful dedicated server). The 3 Commando Brigade's flourishing community is what drives and compels the unit to succeed.



News & Updates

1, 2 Posted by: Goodson » Mon Jul 21, 2014 12:00 am
Forum: News

To keep everyone in the loop and up to date with what's going on, I thought I'd make a post (as some people have requested) rounding up some of the recent changes.

Firstly - we've decided that the @3CB mod pack would not prove useful to use and would actually create more problems than it's worth. It's counter-intuitive to have to update a pack whenever a major update is released to a mod that fixes large issues (such as the recent weapon config changes in Arma 1.24). For now, we will be abandoning the idea of @3CB until all mods have settled.

However, we still want to keep the idea of absolute stability in our missions. Therefore, we will be deciding on a modset and keeping it static to keep our missions as stable as possible (i.e. not changing up our modest with each operation that we play). Mission makers are asked to stick to these modsets and refrain from using any extra mods. Another post will be made when this modset has been set (will be very soon). Operation Killwave (this Wednesday) will reflect these changes.

Public Mission Coordinator - Apollo has been suggesting this for a while. Currently we have no coordinator to tie together and manage public missions created by other members. For example, someone may be working on a mission to be used on the public, without realising that another member may already be working on a similar mission. With this, mission makers are requested to contact the Public Mission Coordinator before starting work on a mission. For now, I will be taking on this role.

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Congratulations and a Welcome

Posted by: Apollo » Wed Jul 16, 2014 1:43 am
Forum: News

Congratulations to Howl, recently promoted from Cpl to Sgt.

Sgt. Howl (or "Intergalactic Masterchief Commander Sergeant Flight Officer Howl Shepard" as he likes to be known) joined 3 Commando Brigade in it's very early days and has been active ever since. With a fine understanding of video editing, a talented artist, great field commander and all round good guy, Howl's contribution to 3CB, whether it be mission creation, operation's coordination, youtube channel management, or leading on the battlefield has been greatly appreciated and now further recognised with his promotion.

We are also welcoming six new Marine's to the team, promoted from the recruit ranks:
  Mne. Alexander
  Mne. Cryphos
  Mne. Joeaniator1
  Mne. Pandabehr
  Mne. Rudy
  Mne. Varg 

Congrats guys, keep up the good work!

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Welcome to our new Marines

Posted by: Goodson » Wed Jun 25, 2014 10:20 am
Forum: News


I'm please to announce that we have promoted our recruits into full-fledged Marines:

A. Wilcox
A. Martinez

Welcome to the team Marines! It's good to have you aboard.

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Welcome to our new Recruits

Posted by: Goodson » Sat Jun 07, 2014 9:41 pm
Forum: News

A big welcome to our new Recruits who completed their basic training tonight:

- LoneWolf014
- A.Martinez
- Cortex
- Lifetap
- A. Wilcox

We hope you enjoyed the training and we look forward to seeing you in our operations!


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Arma 3 News

Posted by: Goodson » Thu Jun 05, 2014 12:07 pm
Forum: News

Exciting times are ahead for Arma 3 and it's upcoming developments + DLC. I thought I'd make a post consolidating some of this information for the community to read (and for those that don [...]

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Welcome to our new Recruits

Posted by: Goodson » Thu May 29, 2014 10:21 pm
Forum: News

A big welcome to our new Recruits who completed their basic training tonight:

- Samsamm777
- DoubleD
- Inferni
- Commando_59
- Mefirst

We hope you enjoyed the training and we look forward to seeing you in our operations!


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Posted by: Goodson » Sat May 24, 2014 1:21 pm
Forum: News

Ranks within 3 Commando Brigade are primarily based on the level of responsibility taken on by players to ensure the Unit runs smoothly, whether this be responsibility for administration, mission creation, recruitment management, forum moderation, operations coordination, server maintenance or media PR.

We are therefore pleased to announce the following promotions and new NCO ranks assigned:

Cpl. NullJeager
LCpl. Andy
LCpl. Depro
LCpl. Evrik
LCpl. FrostyFrench
Mne. Tom07904

Congratulations guys, keep up the good work!
Maj. Goodson

Unit Roster

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